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Master of Color and Texture

Explore the visionary world of Kurt Tverli Artist and experience the magic of vibrant and abstract art.

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Kurt Tverli

Kurt Tverli Artist is a renowned painter based in Saltdal, Norway, known for his vibrant and abstract art that evokes emotion and intrigue. Since 2010, Kurt has pushed boundaries in contemporary art and continues to captivate audiences with his unique style and creativity.

Kurt’s art speaks to the soul, stirring emotions and sparking creativity. Each piece is a masterpiece that resonates with our hearts and minds.
Sophia and David Black

Our Artistic

Unique Value Proposition

At Kurt Tverli Artist, we offer a fresh perspective on art through vibrant colors and rich textures. Our creations evoke deep emotions and intrigue viewers, providing a unique experience for art enthusiasts.


Vibrant Colors

Dive into a world of vibrant hues that ignite the senses.


Abstract Creations

Experience art that challenges boundaries and sparks curiosity.


Emotional Impact

Feel the power of art that evokes deep emotions and resonates with the soul.


Intriguing Textures

Explore textures that add depth and dimension to each masterpiece.

Embrace Artistry Today

Indulge in Kurt Tverli’s World of Color and Expression

Explore, experience, and own a piece of Kurt Tverli’s extraordinary art. Let his creations adorn your space with beauty and meaning.

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